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I'm basically inactive

2016-03-29 18:34:07 by Rangboy555


Clock Day

2012-08-15 18:21:32 by Rangboy555

It's made me realize how quick the year goes by.

Wait, when it Robot day? (Or whatever it's called!)

2012 (London Olympics)

2012-07-26 17:44:09 by Rangboy555

Well, it's here, the olympics as well as 2012 of course. Surely an apocalypse won't break out, or at least that's what many are hoping.

Right now, I'm wondering about the previous years and how 1990 was over 20 years ago, that kind of stuff. know... it makes me feel a little old and such, knowing that I've used this site for over 7 years...


And now here I am, the olympics...starting tomorrow and set to continue throughout August as well.

Love you, Newgrounds.


2012-02-08 16:25:39 by Rangboy555

Woo! Newgrounds has changed again!

I'd like to mention to anyone reading this that as a long time user of newgrounds, my profile pic and user pic were quite old, and I'm quite disapointed that they are now gone, I can't get them back easily you know!

Oh well, I hope everyone will know it's me. :)

I'll be using the Sun I made on the computer as my current profile picture for now, See ya starside!


Fully Uploaded Songs!

2010-09-07 12:31:08 by Rangboy555

I've uploaded some songs! And i like them so what i'm wondering right now is, do you like them?

Uploaded finally

2010-08-27 18:16:39 by Rangboy555

now to wait...

Upload Problems!!!

2010-07-25 09:36:23 by Rangboy555

I cant seem to upload a good song. it is a mp3 but says it isnt a valid one.What the Hell is a valid mp3!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


2009-12-09 13:06:14 by Rangboy555

i go on this, and facebook but mostly this was a random post

Welcome! (leveling)

2009-06-12 11:37:14 by Rangboy555

lol y'know, I was thinking, leveling up is a bit cool but it is slightly easy if you are attentive to newgrounds (or is it attending or something?...) but anyway, i mostly just wanted to do another post and im going to edit my picture soon.

Welcome! (leveling)


2009-06-08 11:12:55 by Rangboy555

it's just random how people make gay things on newgrounds. now tankmen....thats funny! blam everything and welcome to my account